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In October 2005, two mountaineers climbing above Mendel Glacier in the High Sierra find the mummified remains of a man in a WW II uniform, entombed in the ice. The "Frozen Airman" discovery creates a media storm which draws author Peter Stekel to investigate and stumble upon the case of a navigation training flight crew missing since 1942. Early attempts at recovery are thwarted due to empty graves, botched records, bad weather, bad luck, and bad timing. Then, in 2007, Stekel himself discovers a second body in the glacier.

Through meticulous research, interviews, and his own mountaineering trips to the site, Stekel uncovers the identities of these four young men. Final Flight explores the story of the ill-fated flight and the misinformation surrounding it for over 60 years. The book is a gripping account that's part mystery, part history, and a personal quest to uncover the truth of the events that occurred on November 18, 1942. In the process, Stekel rewrites the young aviators' last days and takes us on their final flight.

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Combining the best aspects of hiking and wildflower viewing in one guide, Best Wildflower Hikes Western Washington takes serious or budding botanists to some of the best trails in the state to see all of the best blooms. It's all here in one guide: where and when to go and what to expect to find peak wildflower displays. In 40 hikes through western Washington explore wildflower habitats from the Puget Sound lowlands and estuaries to the Cascade Crest and from the Columbia River to the North Cascades along with Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks.

Photos by Peter Stekel and David Flotree & Ellen Hauptmann. Cover photo by Chris Williams (cwexplorationphotography.com/).


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Best Hikes Near Seattle is more than a guidebook to trails 60 minutes or 60 miles from Seattle. The book also includes short natural history essays on topics as diverse as the sex life of banana slugs, to how plants get their names, and why you should respect but not fear bears and mountain lions. There is also an extensive section of weather, trail etiquette, hiking with dogs, what constitutes the “Ten Essentials,” why judging trail mileage is an art – not a science, the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, and the value of hikers lobbying for wilderness. The author also presents a history, warts and all, of the drive to operate our hiking trails as profit points for land-use agencies. And of course, as with all of the books in the Best Hikes series, useful trail specs and hike summaries are accompanied by easy-to-read maps and stunning photos.

All photos by Peter Stekel.


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The civil rights era in US history is heavily studied and debated today. August, 2013 found our nation justifiably celebrating Martin Luther King's famous, "I Have A Dream," speech in Washington D.C. But for the middle class white children growing up during the 1960s and 1970s, isolated by race and class, what historians now refer to as an "era" was a time of confusion and misunderstanding.

GROWING UP WHITE IN THE SIXTIES is the fictional memoir of a boy growing up in these important and tumultuous times and the positive affect race consciousness has upon him - even though he is unaware of it at the time.


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Crime and corruption. What more could you want?

THE FLOWER LOVER is a stunning debut novel. The book follows investigative reporter Richard Garcia as he looks into the disappearance of a rare, cultivated orchid. Garcia's queries lead him to uncover a clandestine group that is selling weapons illegally.

There is a desire within us all to be heroic. We say we must be valiant but shirk the responsibility before the magnitude of the task. Not Richard Garcia. He has foibles but idealism drives him to ferret out corruption and seek the truth. THE FLOWER LOVER has a complex, convoluted plot and is fast-paced and cinematic. It will keep you excited and turning pages all the way to the end.


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