"The B-24 hidden for 17 years in what is now Hester Lake has fascinated me since 1961, the year after it was found. I was then working on a summer trail crew only a mile or two from this wreckage, and heard the story of its discovery from the park ranger, Leroy Brock, who stumbled onto it. So interesting was it to me, I later visited the grave site of its crewmen in Arlington National Cemetery. In Beneath Haunted Waters, Peter Stekel recounts the history of these plane wrecks with an historian's eye for detail and a story teller's gift for touching the human heart."

Butch Farabee, author of Big Walls, Swift Waters: Epic Stories of Yosemite Search and Rescue.


A note from the author:

I love to hear back from readers with their comments, reviews, critiques, and personal stories. As much as time allows, I will respond to your letters and emails. I feel that my research and writing of Beneath Haunted Waters honor the boy's in the story as well as their entire generation. All the chapters, and then some, applying to the crews of 463 and Exterminator, were reviewed by the families and met with their approval. Chapter end notes will lead you to my source material.


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