"Peter Stekelís Beneath Haunted Waters tells the story of the discovery and investigation into the mysterious disappearance of two Liberator bombers lost in Californiaís Sierra Nevada Mountains during World War II. Stekel expertly brings to life the personal stories of the bomber crews and those who uncovered these lost aircraft. A great read!"

Nicholas A. Veronico, author of Hidden Warbirds: The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WW IIís Lost Aircraft.



On April 12, 2018 I made a slide show presentation about Beneath Haunted Waters at the SW Branch of the Seattle Public Library. The 49 minute video of that presentation can be viewed on the web HERE or on the Beneath Haunted Waters website HERE.



Here is the September, 1989 video of the Hester Lake B-24 at the bottom of the lake. Copyright 2017 and courtesy of Dr. Stephen DeSalvo and used with permission.

The video is in two parts and available either as an AVI file (can play with any video player) or as a FLV file (playable using Adobe Flash Player). The only difference will be the quality of the video if you're watching it on a large screen (AVI is better quality than FLV). Part 2 is very short in duration.

Hester Lake B-24 Part 1 AVI - FLV

Hester Lake B-24 Part 2 AVI - FLV

Most of what you see at the bottom of the lake, in about 60' of water, appears like a jumble of debris. For the inexperienced eye the most recognizable pieces are engines, propellers, an opened parachute, a .50 caliber machine gun shell, and a front tire from 463. Toward the end of the video one of the divers holds up a shoe - most likely the same shoe that Jim Moore, Frank Dodge, and Leroy Brock discovered back in 1960.

People with more experience with the inner bits of a Liberator will have more luck and skill in recognizing bits and pieces of wreckage.

Here are six videos I shot August 26 and 27, 2014.

Four show the meadow and notorious "Notch" below Hester Lake which has turned away so many hikers. One of these videos also underscores the dangers of getting to Hester Lake - filmed during a rain and hail storm the Notch and every crack and crevice became a stream or river.

The other two videos are panoramas of Hester Lake, with Peak 12,463 prominently displayed.








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