In the early morning hours of December 6, 1943 a B-24 Liberator bomber and its crew of six were lost between Tucson, Arizona and its base at Hammer Field in Fresno, California.

Later that morning, a squadron of ten B-24s left Hammer Field to find the missing plane and crew. Fifteen minutes after taking off, the last plane in this formation developed trouble and the pilot ordered his crew to bail out. Only two of the eight-man crew made it out of the stricken plane before it crashed and sank from sight into Huntington Lake reservoir. It wasn't found until 1955 when the reservoir was drained so repairs could be made to the dam.

The first plane was discovered by two US Geological Survey researchers and a National Park Service ranger in 1960 in a lake at 12,255 feet in the High Sierra of Kings Canyon National Park.

Beneath Haunted Waters is the story of the two airplanes, the crews, and generations of people who would not let this story die.

Beneath Haunted Waters

B-24 image in flight HERE

B-24 image on the ground HERE

Listen to the beginning of Chapter 1 read by Ron Welch, the grandnephew of Lt. William Cronin HERE

Listen to a hail storm in the meadow below Hester Lake




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