2nd Lt. Charles W. Turvey

(photo courtesy of 1940 Wilmington College yearbook)

Amazingly little about the life of Charles Turvey, pilot of 463, can be pieced together. From the papers kept by Robert Hester’s sister, Janet, there are a couple of letters written by Turvey’s mother to Bob and Janet's father, Clint Hester, which show her appreciation for Clint’s dogged search for the boys on 463.

Charles Willis Turvey, Jr., was born July 23, 1921 to Charles, Senior (August 4, 1897-August 12, 1969) and Margaret White Turvey (circa 1897-June 19, 1978). The family lived in Reesville, Ohio. Also in the home was an older sister, Dorothy J. (April 10, 1920-December, 1985), and two younger brothers, Max Richard (December 19, 1923-August 29, 2007), and Travis N. (December 7, 1924-June, 1983).

Turvey was a big man, six feet tall and weighing 192 pounds. With two years of college under his belt, he enlisted as a private in the Army air Corps on June 30, 1942 at Patterson Field in Fairfield, Ohio.

In the Big Creek School book there is a photograph of Turvey and a terse biography. In March of 1992, Bob Crider stopped in at Reesville, Ohio while on his way to visit Dayton. "He spoke with a woman who knew the Turveys. She gave Mr. Crider the name and telephone number of Lt. Turvey’s brother. Mr. Crider called him and he sent pictures, a log book, (and) a flight school year book." The brother also provided the information that Charles Turvey, "attended Reesville schools and played on the high school basketball team. After graduation, he attended Wilmington College for two years followed by his enlistment in the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1940."



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